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Vector art - the best format for logos and graphics

Vector files are:

  • The preferred format for most printing processes including screen-printing, pad, offset and digital printing
  • High quality and small in file size
  • Ideal for logos and graphic artwork
  • Essential for creating quality separations when screen printing
  • Ideal for reproducing a graphic element at any size without loss of quality
  • Not suited to photographs or complex shading
  • Easily converted to any file format, suitable for any application.


vector vs raster



Can I just save my JPEG or GIF file as a vector file?

Raster files, such as JPEG photos, cannot simply be saved as vector files. They can be saved in a vector compatible format such as .AI or .EPS but they will still remain as a raster file. Files need to be converted and/or redrawn using software such as Adobe Illustrator to produce a quality vector file.

Getset's experienced graphic designers can quickly redraw your logo or artwork as a high-quality vector file and provide in the most suitable format for your needs.

Getset for cost-effective, high quality, vector artwork production for logos and graphics.

Contact Getset on (07) 3325 2002 to discuss your vector artwork needs.

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